The hunt for cheaper GPUs is turning up some unexpected bargains

Enlarge (credit: Newegg/Gigabyte)

As anyone wanting to put together a high performance PC has likely discovered, the self-build PC market is in a terrible state right now. DDR4 RAM prices are more than double what they were 18 months ago, as demand from smartphones has pressured supply. As for GPUs… well, they’re a mess. High-end video cards are being bought in their dozens by cryptocurrency miners, leaving those who want a video card to actually do graphical things high and dry. It’s enough to make you want to shout with rage.

This situation has made pre-built PCs unusually competitive—components bought at scale, as part of long-term supply agreements, likely have more price stability than those sold directly to end users—but that’s small consolation to those who truly want to build their own machine.

But all hope is not lost; Tom’s Hardware Guide has found another source of, if not exactly cheap, at least cheaper video cards: external GPU graphics docks with preinstalled video cards.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets