Can you watch the Winter Olympics in 4K and HDR? Comcast tells Ars “no”

Enlarge / The opening ceremonies will take place right here—and if you want to see them in 4K, you’ll have to wait longer and jump through more hoops to do so. (credit: POCOG)

You may have heard that this month’s Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea, will include a major 4K broadcasting rollout—which would make it one of the world’s first major sporting events to get full 4K and HDR support. Sports are unique in the 4K ecosystem for two reasons: because more pixels actually pay off for average viewers when looking at wide-angled views of high-speed sports, and because so few sports are filmed with 4K-friendly cameras.

Of course, one reason they’re rare is because current over-the-air and cable broadcasting standards max out well below 4K resolution and without support for HDR. So how exactly can sports fans access the world’s most high-res figure skating and hockey?

With only days to go before the Olympics kick-off, American paid-TV carriers are scrambling to answer that exact question, and we’ve summed up the information available so far—all while trying (and failing) to secure our own 4K Olympics access.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets