HTC’s Vive Pro will add more pixels to an otherwise familiar-looking VR system

Enlarge (credit: HTC)

Nearly two years after the launch of the HTC Vive virtual reality system, its creators have finally revealed a hardware revision for the headset: the HTC Vive Pro. The naming convention hints at what to expect. The refreshed headset, which currently has no price, will arrive in “Q1” of 2018, and it adds one huge upgrade (and a few small ones) to an otherwise familiar-looking Vive.

During a CES 2018 press conference, HTC confirmed details from a leak earlier on Monday. The leak indicated that the Vive Pro’s screen will include a combined resolution of 2880×1600 pixels. That’s a 78-percent jump from the original Vive headset’s screen resolution of 2160×1200.

The new headset also includes built-in headphones, a new strap to “improve balance,” a second microphone to assist with noise-cancellation features, a second “stereo” outward-facing camera, and reduced headset weight. HTC hasn’t disclosed exactly how much lighter it will be.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets