Google’s experimental Fuchsia OS can now run on the Pixelbook

Google’s in-development operating system, Fuchsia, has a new development device: The Google Pixelbook. Google’s $1,000 laptop usually runs Chrome OS, but with the latest Fuchsia builds, you can swap out the browser-based OS for Google’s experimental operating system.

Fuchsia—which only started development in 2016—is Google’s third operating system after Chrome OS and Android. The development documents describe the OS as targeting “modern phones and modern personal computers,” which would seemingly put it in competition with both of Google’s existing OSes. Everything is up in the air given the early state of the project, but it seems like a from-scratch rewrite of a modern operating system. The OS doesn’t use the Linux kernel—Fuchsia uses a Google-developed microkernel formerly called “Magenta” and currently called “Zircon.”

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets