Our favorite—and least favorite—tech of 2017


2017 is almost over. For most of us, there are reasons to be nostalgic and there are reasons to be glad we can just move on. That’s how we feel about tech from this year, too. We’ve polled each member of the Ars Technica reviews team about their favorite and least favorite tech products of 2017. Each staffer has made their own selections and written their own explanations.

We’re taking a broad definition of tech product here. It’s not all about gadgets—a selection can be software, a service, or even a feature. Note that every one of these choices is a personal selection. In our reviews, we aim to provide enough context and objective information to give readers a very strong sense of the pros and cons of each product so they can make their own, informed decisions about what tech works for them and what doesn’t—because everyone has different priorities and needs. We do share our personal opinions, because that’s part of reviewing a product, but we try to do that in a way that helps flesh out that context.

Here, we’re just sharing our personal picks. Sometimes there’s a difference between the best tech product of 2017 and your favorite.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets