Google brings a Chrome… installer… to the Microsoft Store

Enlarge / The app, in all its glory.

In an effort to further diminish Edge’s role as “the browser you use to install Chrome,” Google has published a Chrome installer application to the Microsoft Store. Install that app, and it’ll download and install Chrome for you.

Chrome itself is not a Store app. While Microsoft has developed a system, “Centennial,” for packaging existing Windows applications and distributing them through the Store—a convenient capability, as it provides centralized upgrading and clean uninstallation—Google is not using that for Chrome. The Chrome that gets installed is the regular version of Chrome that you’d get if you downloaded it directly from Google.

For most Windows users, the distinction doesn’t matter a great deal. While we’d like more apps to be available through the Store—if for no other reason than to get the simplified updating and uninstallation—virtually every Windows user already runs a number of non-Store applications anyway. The exception is Microsoft’s locked-down Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S can only install and run Store apps. As such, 10 S can’t make use of this Chrome installer; while the installer itself can be, uh, installed, it’s not able to install the non-Store version of Chrome.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets