Android execs get technical talking updates, Project Treble, Linux, and more

Enlarge / Meet some of the people doing Android heavy lifting…

Google I/O doesn’t need skydivers or LCD Soundsystem to keep us interested year to year—we’ll happily settle for what is becoming an annual chat with members of the Android team. Heading into this year’s conference, the group was fresh off the release of the second Android O Developer Preview and the announcement of Project Treble, a massive modularization of Android’s hardware dependencies that should make updates a little easier on everyone involved with the OS. So as usual, there was plenty to talk about.

Dave Burke, VP of engineering for Android, has made time for us at several recent conferences, but this year we also had Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson, PM director for Android, in on the conversation. Given the opportunity, we tried to keep these questions pretty technical. What follows is a transcript with some of the interview lightly edited for clarity. For a fuller perspective, we’ve also included some topical background comments in italics.

Project Treble

The second Android O developer preview was a big departure from past developer preview releases. Other than a bunch of new emoji, there weren’t any new major features or additions. Compare this to the Android N Developer Preview, which added features like Vulkana new VR platform, and a new update installation process in the second and third preview releases. What’s the deal?

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