Microsoft officially ends support for a bunch of Windows phones

Lumia 950 (credit: Peter Bright)

Microsoft has just released a couple of new Windows Insider builds for people on the fast ring, one for PC and one for mobile. The builds are surprisingly divergent.

For PC, the build is numbered 16176; it’s another Redstone 3 build, though as with the first Redstone 3 build, it doesn’t change a whole lot. It adds access to serial ports from the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which will help with remote device debugging. The build also fixes some minor bugs while introducing a new, less minor bug.

Specifically, if you use a Centennial application built using the Desktop Bridge—Microsoft’s semi-virtualized technology for putting existing Win32 applications in the Windows Store—your system will crash. This will cause a Green Screen of Death—green, because a few builds back, Microsoft changed the screen color for Insider system crashes. At a glance, then, you can see the difference between a crashing machine on the stable Windows branch (as these remain blue) and a crashing machine on the developer branch.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets