Chrome 57 restricts background tabs to 1% CPU, prolonging battery life

Enlarge (credit: Sebastian Anthony)

Rejoice, Chrome users! With Chrome 57, released this week, your laptop might soon get more than three hours of battery life when you have multiple tabs open.

In September last year the Chromium team said changes were coming to Chrome’s handling of background tabs, but they’ve landed in the stable branch of Chrome a little sooner than expected. Basically, from now on, background tabs will be limited to an average CPU load of just 1 percent on a single core.

Chrome 57’s actual mechanism for background tab throttling is a little more complex. After 10 seconds of being in the background (i.e. not in focus), each tab has a budget (in seconds) for how much CPU wall time it can use. (Wall time is the actual real-world time it takes for a process to start and complete.) The background tab is only allowed to use the CPU if it hasn’t consumed its entire budget. Here’s the kicker: the budget constantly regenerates, but only at a rate of 0.01 seconds per second.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets