Apple snaps up Workflow, an iOS automation app for power users [Updated]

Enlarge / The Workflow app. (credit: Workflow)

Late yesterday, Apple closed a deal to acquire Workflow, an app for iOS power users that lets you string a series of repetitive actions together to make them easier and quicker to accomplish. In many ways, the app accomplishes for iOS what the Automator app does for macOS. Late last year Apple laid off Sal Soghoian, the product manager in charge of automation-related products like Automator and AppleScript, and eliminated his position; the purchase of Workflow suggests that it could be the future of Apple’s automation-related efforts.

Workflow’s developers—Ari Weinstein, Conrad Kramer, Ayaka Nonaka, and Nick Frey—are all being hired by Apple, and they’ll continue to develop Workflow which will continue to exist in the App Store. It used to cost $2.99, but it’s now available to all users free of charge. The amount Apple paid for Workflow hasn’t been disclosed, but TechCrunch reports that it was a “solid payday” for both the developers of the app and its investors.

Apple’s statement about the acquisition highlighted that it had won an Apple Design Award in 2015 for its use of iOS’ accessibility features, which suggests that the Workflow team could also help Apple develop and implement new accessibility features in future versions of iOS.

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Source:: Arstechnica – Gadgets